Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association


The competition will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA and IBSF.  The miss rule will be played unless both players elect not to play it.

All matches shall be played off scratch.

Any player that withdraws from the league without playing all of his fixtures will be barred from entering again for 12 months.

The 3 Miss Rule

The “3 miss rule” is in operation instead of the full miss rule. If both players agree then the match can be played without the “3 miss rule”.

1.   In the 3 miss rule, a miss is always a miss.  No matter how close the cue ball comes to the object ball, if it misses then a miss will be called.

2.   When there was a clear path in a straight line from the cue-ball to a ball that was on or that could have been on, such that central, full-ball, contact was available (in the case of Reds, this to be taken as a full diameter of any Red that is not obstructed by a colour), then the offender shall be warned by his opponent (or referee if there is one) that a third failure will result in the frame being awarded to his opponent.

3.   The frame will not be awarded if the opponent (or referee) failed to issue such a warning.

Match duration                  

All matches will be 4 frames in length and all 4 frames must be played. 

Match venue                  

Matches will be played at any venue of the home player’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary.  It is the responsibility of the home player to ensure that a table is booked in advance of the match and that his opponent is made aware of the match venue.  The home player will pay table costs.                  

Arranging matches                  

Competitors will have no more than 3 matches to play per month.  Competitors must contact their opponents and arrange to play all of the current month’s matches before the end of the month. It is the responsibility of both players to contact each other and arrange the match.  

Timeliness of Fixtures

Fixtures should be completed in the allotted months according to the officially posted fixture list. If players are aware of periods where they cannot complete fixtures in the allotted timeframe they must ask the opponent if they would play the fixture early and then ask the committee to approve this request before playing the match.

Penalties for lateness

When arranging a match, players will agree on a match start time.  Players will forfeit one frame for every 15 minutes they are late arriving, ie. 1 frame after 15 minutes, 2 frames after 30 minutes, 3 frames after 45 minutes, 4 frames after 60 minutes.

Claiming Matches

The deadline for all matches to be played is the last day of the month. All players should make initial contact with their opponents by the 20th of each month to arrange all matches due to be played. Should you have any problems trying to arrange any fixture you should contact the league secretary no later than the 21st of each month, to inform him that your attempts to arrange a fixture have been unsuccessful. Failure to inform the league secretary by the 21st will result in any matches not played by the end of that month being recorded as a 0-0 score-line. We will not accept any claims for matches if you have not made contact with the league secretary by the 21st of the month to indicate problems contacting your opponent. The NBSA Competitions Committee do not accept that initial contact made after the 21st of each month is a suitable amount of time for a fixture to be arranged. 

Players Withdrawing

Any player who withdraws from the league at any stage of the season will have all their results expunged from the table. The withdrawing player will take up one of the relegation spaces and will be barred from entering the singles league for 12 months (exceptional circumstances will be considered by the Competitions Committee).

League tables

League tables will be published at                                         

League positions will be determined in the following order:                                             

(i) Points gained (2 points per win, 1 per tie)                                            

(ii) No. Wins                                                                                        

(iii) Head to Head Results against tied player                                             

(iv) Five frame play-off match

The venue of any required play-off matches shall be decided by the Committee.               

Promotion and Relegation

All divisions will operate a 2 up 2 down system.

Submitting results                  

Both players must ensure that results are submitted at by the end of the month.

If a result is not received by midnight on the last day of the month the match will be recorded as a ‘NO RESULT’ regardless of whether it has been played. Neither player will receive any points. Any appeal would then be considered by the committee with supporting evidence.