Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Monday League

COVID-19 Rule Updates

  1. Any player exhibiting any Covid-19 symptom must not attend matches.
  2. Covid-19 safety measures take precedence and players must follow guidelines from the venues at all times. Any government announcements regarding local or national restrictions must be followed.
  3. Only the two players competing should be in the vicinity of the table.
  4. Players must referee and score their own games.
  5. The 3 miss rule will be played at the discretion of the players, to be agreed at the start of the frame. If either player objects then the rule is not to be played. If it is played then players must referee this themselves.
  6. The blind draw is suspended for the remaining fixtures – the home team captain should write down their players first, with players arranged to play 2 consecutive frames. The away team should then be made aware of the order and write down their players so that they also each play two consecutive frames on the same table.
  7. If teams are unable to field a full team of 3 players on a Monday they may nominate a player to play up to an additional 2 frames. However, if possible, captains should notify the opposing team captain that they will have fewer players by text in advance of the match. If a team nominates a player to play more than two frames then the opposing team has the option (but is not obliged to) choose one of their players to play a similar number of frames.
  8. Home captains for each fixture should consult with the host venue and offer assistance with any table cleaning or other measures associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.
  9. Players waiting to compete must follow the venue’s guidelines and wait in areas with the appropriate social distancing.


Monday Team League Summer 2018-19