Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Clarry Cup

The 2019-20 Clarry Cup

Champion: Audie Miller, Runner Up: Piotr Machon
Tournament Director: Dan Norton

The 2019-20 Clarry Cup was contested at Spot On Cue Sports, Sneinton on Sunday 10th November 2019.

The tournament featured 4 groups followed by a knockout from the quarter finals onwards. Audie Miller and Cary Davies topped Group A, Nav Hussain and Steve Butler topped Group B, Dave Jobling and Dan Norton topped Group C and Piotr Machon and Adam Hussain topped Group D. Dave Jobling put in a particularly strong performance in the group stages with runs of 71, 53, 43 and 36, boasting a pot success rate of 94% in one of his frames.

In the quarter finals Audie Miller beat Steve Butler, Adam Hussain prevailed over Dave Jobling, Cary Davies beat Nav Hussain and Piotr Machon knocked out Dan Norton. Both semi-finals were close with Audie Miller edging past Adam Hussain and Piotr Machon edging past Cary Davies.

The final was contested on Table 8, with Audie Miller and Piotr Machon playing from level handicaps and each having achieved a win percentage above 70%. Audie ran out the winner 2-0. Congratulations to Audie 2019-20 Clarry Cup Champion!

Audie secures his place at the season ending Champions Cup (competing for the Alan Cunningham trophy), which will be contested on May 10th 2020 by all the winners of NBSA singles competitions.

For more details of results and stats see the Cuescore roundup below.

Roll of Honor

2011-12 Nav Hussain
2012-13 Nav Hussian
2013-14 Dave Jobling
2014-15 James Moore
2015-16 Nav Hussain
2016-17 Joe Reynolds
2017-18 Nav Hussain
2018-19 Nav Hussain
2019-20 Audie Miller

Audie Miller (Left) and Piotr Machon (Right) before the final of the Clarry Cup