Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Handicap Pairs

The 2019-20 Handicap Pairs

The 2019-20 Handicap Pairs competition was held at Spot On Cue Sports, Sneinton on January 19th 2020.

The tournament ran as 2 groups with the top tow pairs from each progressing to semi-final KO stages. Jason Ashurst / Audie Miller topped Group A, with Fred Mulheron / Mick Garratt progressing in the runner up position. This eliminated the holders Dave Jobling / Keith Holgate.

Piotr Machon / Dan Norton topped Group B, with Rob Garratt / Adam Hussian claiming the runners up spot. Eliminating Cary Davies / Andy Teale and Toby Bowley / Shaun Parkinson.

In the semi-finals Jason Ashurst / Audie Miller prevailed 2-0 over Rob Garratt / Adam Hussian, whilst Fred Mulheron / Mick Garratt prevailed 2-1 over Piotr Machon / Dan Norton.

In a closely fought final Fred Mulheron / Mick Garratt eventually ran out as victors with at 2-1 win over Jason Ashurst / Audie Miller.

Roll of Honor

2018-19: Dave Jobling / Keith Holgate
2019-20: Fred Mulheron / Mick Garratt

L-R: Fred Mulheron, Mick Garratt (Winners), Audie Miller, Jason Ashurst (Runner-up)