Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Nottinghamshire 6-Reds Championship

The 2019 Nottinghamshire 6-Reds Championship

The 2019 championship was played at BCI snooker club Bulwell on Sataurday 9th February 2019. A round robin format was used for two groups, with best of 3 matches. Following this the top 4 contested knockout stages, with Jason Ashurst and Andy Teale contesting the final over 7 frames. Jason running out the winner 4-3 in a close final, taking the decider with a 65 break (total clearance in the 6 reds format).

Match Report

Frame 1: Jason had a nice 31 break only to lose on the final black.

Frames 2 and 3: Jason hit back to win the next 2 scrappy frames.

Frames 4 and 5: Andy won frame 4 with a clearance from the last red to pink. Jason then took a scrappy frame 5.

Frame 6: Andy stole it at the end clearing a difficult blue, pink and black.

Frame 7: A final frame decider, Andy took on a long red and missed opening the reds then Jason stepped up to have a very nicely controlled 65 total clearance.

Roll of Honor

2014 Nav Hussain
2015 Steve Butler
2016 James Moore
2017 Wayne Martin
2018 John Fountain
2019 Jason Ashurst