Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Holgate Masters

The 2019-20 Championships

The full draw for the competition this year is shown below. The deadlines by which matches in each round must be completed are:

If you have any issues in fulfilling your remaining fixtures please contact a committee member directly or email

For round 1 the top player of each pair is the home player. For the home player in the following rounds see the full draw below.

Full Draw

Players in bold are the home players in each round. These are allocated as the first player in Round 1 and by random draw thereafter.

Round 1
2 Manfred Corbin vs Dave Jobling
3 Phil Minchin vs James Robinson
6 Steve Whitt vs Wayne Smith
7 Ben Cooper vs Dan Norton
10 Patrick Hort vs Shaun Parkinson
11 Keith Holgate vs Harvey Pabla
14 Wayne Martin vs Alan Caulton
15 Chris Winter vs Terry Thompson
Round 2
17 Paul Bell vs Winner of match 2
18 Winner of match 3 vs Audie Miller
19 Ben Monk vs Winner of match 6
20 Winner of match 7 vs Cary Davies
21 Mick Garratt vs Winner of match 10
22 Winner of match 11 vs Toby Bowley
23 Nav Hussain vs Winner of match 14
24 Winner of match 15 vs Fred Mulheron
25 Winner of match 17 vs Winner of match 18
26 Winner of match 19 vs Winner of match 20
27 Winner of match 21 vs Winner of match 22
28 Winner of match 23 vs Winner of match 24
29 Winner of match 25 vs Winner of match 26
30 Winner of match 27 vs Winner of match 28

Format and Results


All tournaments will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA and IBSF.  The miss rule will be played unless both pairs of competitors elect not to play it.

Submitting results

The WINNER of a match must submit the result at

Restricted Entry

Entrants must be at least 40 years old on 1st September of the current winter season.

Match duration

All matches will be best of 5 frames except for the final which will be best of 7 frames.

Match venue

Matches up to and including the semi-finals will be played at any venue of the home player’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary or at an NBSA affiliated club lying just outside the county boundary.  The final will be played at a neutral venue.


A referee will be provided for the final.

Deadline date

All matches must be played on or before the date indicated in the draw.