Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Nottinghamshire Amateur Championships

The 2019-20 Championships

The full draw for the competition this year is shown below. The deadlines by which matches in each round must be completed are (updated July 23rd 2020):

If you have any issues with fulfilling fixtures contact a committee member directly or email

For Round 1 the top player of each pair in the flow chart is the home player. For later rounds check the full draw below.

Full Draw

Players in bold are the home players in each round. These are allocated as the first player in Round 1 and by random draw thereafter.

Round 1
2 Rob Garratt vs Allen Shaw
10 James Robinson vs Piotr Machon
15 John Fountain vs Patrick Hort
18 Wayne Smith vs Nick Sharp
23 Craig McMorran vs Richard Wheelhouse
31 Dave Jobling vs Keith Holgate
Round 2
33 Manfred Corbin vs Winner of match 2
34 Nav Hussain vs Ben Monk
35 Adam Hussain vs Fred Mulheron
36 Shaun Parkinson vs Paul Bell
37 Phil Minchin vs Winner of match 10
38 Ben Cooper vs David Casey
39 Chris Winter vs Alan Caulton
40 Winner of match 15 vs Cary Davies
41 Kai Kong Tsang vs Winner of match 18
42 Audie Miller vs Mick Garratt
43 Terry Thompson vs Andy Teale
44 Winner of match 23 vs Jason Ashurst
45 Dan Norton vs Toby Bowley
46 Selina Dean vs Michael Sharp
47 Dan Moll vs Wayne Martin
48 Winner of match 31 vs Steve Whitt
Last 16
49 Winner of match 33 vs Winner of match 34
50 Winner of match 35 vs Winner of match 36
51 Winner of match 37 vs Winner of match 38
52 Winner of match 39 vs Winner of match 40
53 Winner of match 41 vs Winner of match 42
54 Winner of match 43 vs Winner of match 44
55 Winner of match 45 vs Winner of match 46
56 Winner of match 47 vs Winner of match 48
57 Winner of match 49 vs Winner of match 50
58 Winner of match 51 vs Winner of match 52
59 Winner of match 53 vs Winner of match 54
60 Winner of match 55 vs Winner of match 56
61 Winner of match 57 vs Winner of match 58
62 Winner of match 59 vs Winner of match 60

The 2018-19 Championship

The Nottinghamshire Amateur final was held as part of the NBSA presentation evening at BCI snooker centre, Bulwell on Friday 22nd of June 2019. Many thanks to Pete Ogburn for refereeing (and providing a neat solution for marking of scores!) and to Pete and all the staff at BCI for hosting the presentation evening and the use of the match table.  

The final proved to be a classic going all the way to the final black in the deciding frame (see full match report below). Both players played their part a in a great match, with Troy eventually prevailing 4-3. Many congratulations to Troy, and very hard luck to John, it literally could not have been closer.

The Nottinghamshire Amateur Championship is premier event of the season and the trophy goes back to 1936.

L-R: Troy Brett (2019 champion), Pete Ogburn and John Fountain

Roll of Honor

1936 N Crawford
1939 H Kingsley
1946 H Kingsley
1947 F Sheppard
1948 H Kingsley
1949 H Keys
1950 T Osborne
1951 R B Revill
1952 A Burdett
1953 R B Revill
1954 A Burdett
1955 R B Revill
1956 R B Revill
1957 R B Revill
1958 R B Revill
1959 R B Revill
1960 B Cartwright
1961 A Burdett

1962 B Cartwright
1963 L Holland
1964 A Burdett
1965 A Burdett
1966 J Williams
1967 P Deverill
1968 G White
1969 J Fox
1970 A Burdett
1971 A Burdett
1972 J B Lancashire
1973 R Betts
1974 J B Fox
1976 M Bradley
1978 M Bradley
1979 M Bradley
1980 M Bradley
1981 S Rushby

1982 T Jones
1983 S Rushby
1984 R Lancashire
1985 G Dennis
1986 T Hart
1987 G Wilkinson
1988 A Hamilton
1989 A Hamilton
1990 A Hamilton
1991 J Goodyear
1992 B Rinkert
1993 B Maqsood
1994 J Moore
1995 T Hart
1996 T Hart
1997 T Jones
1998 T Jones
1999 K Holgate

2000 K Holgate
2001 A Walker
2002 S Bowers
2003 B Maqsood
2004 B Maqsood
2009 K Holgate
2010 J Bettridge
2011 S Judd
2012 S Judd
2013 G Dennis
2014 A Diacopoulous
2015 T Brett
2016 G Dennis
2017 G Dennis
2018 B Maqsood
2019 T Brett

Match Report

Frame 1: Troy Brett 76 (48 break) – 17 John Fountain

John breaks but is a bit short of pace leaves a chance at a long red. Troy dispatches it and lands perfect on black. A well controlled 48 around the black ends with a miss on a red after running slightly out of position. John plays a safety and Troy takes on a long red to the black pocket; it rattles and goes in the opposite black pocket. However he can’t capitalise on it, adding just 6 more points. John pots a good red from Troy’s safety but is unlucky to end up stuck in the reds near the pink. After a safety exchange the reds begin to cluster near a side cushion, Troy keeps picking off good reds as they become pot-able, to lead 64 – 7 with 43 on. John takes the last red but misses the colour — he plays on to get some table time and shows signs he’s cueing well, particularly in potting a very tricky last brown from an award position near the side cushion into one of the black pockets. Troy seals the frame though to draw first blood. 

Frame 2: Troy Brett 43 – 50 John Fountain

A key frame in the match, the balls go relatively awkward for scoring and John gets the better of the early safety exchanges, steadily building a 21 – 5 lead. John’s safety is looking strong, finding good lines an often trapping Troy, forcing him to attempt pots. However, Troy is responding and nails a number of excellent long reds to get out of trouble. The frame looks to be swinging back towards Troy as he wins a safety exchange and makes 21 to lead 38-21 with the colours on. John pots a good yellow and follows up with green and brown before missing an awkward blue with the rest, 38 – 30. A safety exchange follows and Troy gets the blue, he tries a double on pink but is doesn’t go in, 43 – 30, John can still tie the frame. Some great safety follows from both players, particularly with John playing to promote the black to a more potable position. It’s John that earns the first half chance at the pink, which is plays really well to get nicely on the black which is now potable thanks to his earlier play, it’s tricky still but he cues it smoothly and it goes in cleanly to tie the frame. 

Troy goes first on the re-spot and plays the side to side containing shot well. John keeps the black reasonably safe and Troy responds by putting the black in baulk and white toward the black spot. John gets a double kiss, Troy attempts a double to middle but also nails the white to the top cush just in case. John responds with a well judged shot to nails the black to the bottom cush. Troy responds again with a good side to side safety and John again places the black on the bottom cush. We could be here all night! The quality of the safety exchange is excellent. However, Troy’s reply leaves a shot to black pocket and John dispatches it to clinch the frame. Game on! 

Frame 3: Troy Brett 85 (56 break) – 50 (32 break) John Fountain

The last frame before the interval. John to break. He catches it thick and a red is brought up to middle pocket. Troy makes a controlled 24 but misses a red to yellow pocket. John takes a red cannons the pack but ends up thin on the black; he slots it but isn’t on a red. Troy takes out another good red from the safety but can only make 5 before jawing a thin black off the spot. Troy leads 29 – 8. John makes 14 and opens reds nicely. He has a cut on a red to middle, gets it, a yellow with the rest and a good red to get back in prime position. The break continues to 32. John plays a good safety and leads 29 – 50. In the safety exchange that follows John plays a containing safety to the black cush, but it stops short leaving Troy on a red — he takes it and makes an excellent 56 to seal the frame.

—– Interval —-

Frame 4: Troy Brett 39 – 71 John Fountain

First after the interval. Early on the balls go fairly scrappy, with the black off its spot and becoming surrounded on the bottom cush by a cluster of reds. John’s superb safety play tells in the this frame — throughout playing some excellent lines to trap Troy in the most awkward spots in baulk / behind baulk colours. With the last red on John has a 52 – 21 lead and lays another excellent snooker, gaining 5 points and a miss. Troy then plays a one cushion escape with a lot of side and catches the red just right to fluke it in the left middle, he takes it with a black and puts John in trouble snookering on the last yellow; 57 – 29. John misses the yellow and leaves a free ball, Troy takes the black but fails to get onto the yellow properly. His safety is loose and John takes the yellow but misses the green. Troy plays a great safety to put the white behind the black which is on its spot. John however produces a great one cushion escape. The frame is right in the balance. Troy’s safety leaves a long shot at the brown, John plays a great pot but is unlucky to find a middle pocket with the white. However, Troy misses the brown of its spot to middle with ball in hand, leaving John the chance to lay a decisive snooker. The attempted escape catches the black and John goes 23 up with 22 on. John makes a great brown and clears for the frame and levels at 2-2.     

Frame 5: Troy Brett 7 – 65 John Fountain

John breaks. Not for the first time he catches it slightly thick and brings a red up to middle. Troy gets it but misses green. John pots a good red and gets nicely on blue. A break of 14 follows. Troy then takes red and green but lands awkward. 14 – 5. John picks out another great red, then green, a good red with the rest and gets in around the black and pink. A good 27 ends with a missed red to the middle pocket. Troy takes it and gets the angle to split the pack. He’s ridiculously unlucky to see a red going the middle from the split. John picks out another good long red but can’t get to a colour. Troy plays another loose safety pushing a red over the corner. John takes it and then a good pink to middle followed by another red but misses the next pink. 6- 57 to John. Troy gets a red but misses the colour. John slots another long red and lands plumb on yellow with a nice kiss. 8 more points and Troy concedes the frame.

Frame 6: Troy Brett 65 – 25

John gets in again with a good red. He makes 4 then plays a decent safety. In the exchanges that follow the black blue yellow and pink are all pushed off the spots and the reds and black are beginning to cluster on the bottom cush. Troy lays a good snooker, at the first attempt John gets a perfect line but stops a fraction short. The second attempt is wide but third time perfect. Troy plays another great safety this time tight behind the pink in the baulk area. John escapes again; 8 – 4 to Troy. Both players now giving the safety battle their full attention. The table now very scrappy. Troy picks out a good red to middle and gets the blue back on its spot. Another red loaded with side to get topside on the blue gives him a chance to build a few points on a scrappy table. He pots a great pink to get that back on its spot as well but breaks down on 26; 34 – 4 to Troy. John misses a thin clip on a long red. Troy attempts it, misses, but leaves nothing easy. John’s safety chips out a red and Troy takes it building a break of 13. He misses a pink trying to split the remaining reds and leads 47 – 4 with 67 on. John pots a red but over cuts the black. John gets another chance around the black, he takes red and black but leaves a red up Troy scores 8 to lead 55 – 14. John gets the last red and black needing two snookers to win. John has several good attempts at the snookers but can’t quite trap Troy. Troy traps John behind the black and he misses 61 – 22. Troy pots a good brown and John concedes. 

Frame 7: Troy Brett 65 – 58 John Fountain

Down to the decider. Troy in with the early chance. But he jaws a black and breaks down on 5. John takes red black but sticks in the pack when attempting a split. He nails the white to the black cush. John attempts a long red and screws back just edging close enough to the brown to cover a red over middle. John gets in with a great long red from Troy’s safety and makes 13 to lead 21 – 5. Troy misses and John attempts a plant; it misses and leaves a red but Troy can’t take it. Troy’s long game his deserted him at the moment but John fails to punish with a tricky red to the middle . Troy misses a comfortable red with the rest and John is in around the black. He makes 17 but hasn’t got the best angle to make a cannon on the bunch, he plays to screw back off the side cushion and into the reds with lots of power. He cues it very sweetly but the white springs past the pack and reaches the opposite middle — very unlucky. Troy pots a good long red and he’s in around the black. He breaks down on 17 and plays safe; 38 -29 to John. John misses a red completely when playing a very thin safety, but on the way back the white catches it and lands on the side cush. Troy attempts the red but misses. John is in around the black again. He takes 8 and lands between position on the last two reds… he pots the next red to the green pocket but doesn’t quite get on a baulk colour. He lays a great snooker tight behind yellow. Troy misses once attempting a one cush escape up and down the length of the table. He then tries one cush across the table and hits the black. The third time he makes contact wit he red. John has a half chance at frame ball red to baulk pocket but it is tricky and misses by a way; 58 29. Troy pots a good long red and black to get nicely to the final yellow but misses the green to the jaws. John plays a safety but comes up a bit short. Troy develops the brown and gets the green safe. Johns attempted safety puts the green near the bag. Troy takes green brown blue and requires pink and black to steal the frame and match. He hits the pink very hard, jaws it and is lucky to only leave a tricky thin cut to corner. John is left with an awful shot, not so thin that he should refuse it, but thin enough to be very difficult. He plays it the right way, cuing it smooth and at pocket weight, but it just catches the right jaw and remains over the pocket. Troy pots the pink quite firmly and for a second it looks like he will roll onto the black and have no shot, but the white pulls up a roll short of that and with a perfect line to dolly it into the middle. He takes it and becomes 2019 Notts. Amateur Champion.

Format and Rules


All tournaments will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA and IBSF.  The NBSA 3 miss rule will be played unless both pairs of competitors elect not to play it.

Submitting results

The WINNER of a match must submit the result at

Match duration

All matches will be best of 5 frames except for the final which will be best of 7 frames.

Match venue

Matches up to and including the semi-finals will be played at any venue of the home player’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary or at an NBSA affiliated club lying just outside the county boundary.  The final will be played at a neutral venue.


A referee will be provided for the final. 

Deadline date

All matches must be played on or before the deadlines indicated in the draw.