Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Nottinghamshire Amateur Championships

The 2021-22 Championships

This year’s Nottinghamshire Amateur Championship is underway. Each round is determined by a random draw. See the tournament page on cuescore for full details.

The 2019-20 Championships

shire Amateur Championship, NBSA’s blue riband event, was contested between Wayne Martin and Chris Winter at Stapleford Cue Club on Thursday September 30th 2021. Pete Ogburn kindly officiating the match. The best of 7 encounter was a tense affair with Wayne prevailing 4-3 in close match to join an illustrious list of winners stretching back to 1936. See below how both players negotiated their route to the final.

The 2018-19 Championship

The Nottinghamshire Amateur final was held as part of the NBSA presentation evening at BCI snooker centre, Bulwell on Friday 22nd of June 2019. Many thanks to Pete Ogburn for refereeing (and providing a neat solution for marking of scores!) and to Pete and all the staff at BCI for hosting the presentation evening and the use of the match table.  

The final proved to be a classic going all the way to the final black in the deciding frame (see full match report below). Both players played their part a in a great match, with Troy eventually prevailing 4-3. Many congratulations to Troy, and very hard luck to John, it literally could not have been closer.

The Nottinghamshire Amateur Championship is premier event of the season and the trophy goes back to 1936.

L-R: Troy Brett (2019 champion), Pete Ogburn and John Fountain

Roll of Honor

1936 N Crawford
1939 H Kingsley
1946 H Kingsley
1947 F Sheppard
1948 H Kingsley
1949 H Keys
1950 T Osborne
1951 R B Revill
1952 A Burdett
1953 R B Revill
1954 A Burdett
1955 R B Revill
1956 R B Revill
1957 R B Revill
1958 R B Revill
1959 R B Revill
1960 B Cartwright
1961 A Burdett

1962 B Cartwright
1963 L Holland
1964 A Burdett
1965 A Burdett
1966 J Williams
1967 P Deverill
1968 G White
1969 J Fox
1970 A Burdett
1971 A Burdett
1972 J B Lancashire
1973 R Betts
1974 J B Fox
1976 M Bradley
1978 M Bradley
1979 M Bradley
1980 M Bradley
1981 S Rushby

1982 T Jones
1983 S Rushby
1984 R Lancashire
1985 G Dennis
1986 T Hart
1987 G Wilkinson
1988 A Hamilton
1989 A Hamilton
1990 A Hamilton
1991 J Goodyear
1992 B Rinkert
1993 B Maqsood
1994 J Moore
1995 T Hart
1996 T Hart
1997 T Jones
1998 T Jones
1999 K Holgate

2000 K Holgate
2001 A Walker
2002 S Bowers
2003 B Maqsood
2004 B Maqsood
2009 K Holgate
2010 J Bettridge
2011 S Judd
2012 S Judd
2013 G Dennis
2014 A Diacopoulous
2015 T Brett
2016 G Dennis
2017 G Dennis
2018 B Maqsood
2019 T Brett
2020 W Martin

Format and Rules


All tournaments will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA and IBSF.  The NBSA 3 miss rule will be played unless both pairs of competitors elect not to play it.

Submitting results

The WINNER of a match must submit the result via whatsapp to the tournament group.

Match duration

All matches will be best of 5 frames except for the final which will be best of 7 frames.

Match venue

Matches up to and including the semi-finals will be played at any venue of the home player’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary or at an NBSA affiliated club lying just outside the county boundary.  The final will be played at a neutral venue.


A referee will be provided for the final. 

Deadline date

All matches must be played on or before the deadlines indicated in the draw.