Nottinghamshire Billiards and Snooker Association

Nottinghamshire County Cup

The 2019 Nottinghamshire County Cup

Thanks to Spot on Cue Sports, Sneinton, for hosting the final on Tables 9 and 10. 

A close fought match, in the first half Audie prevailing over Chris and John beating Adam to setup a key Scotch pairs frame. Chris and John taking the frame, controlling the table with some great safety throughout, preventing Adam and Audie getting a point on the board. In the final two singles frames Audie produced a strong performance against John, matching some excellent safety and producing a solid 43 break from the only mistake John made, tough school. On the other table Adam got off to a good start to build on the handicap advantage (14 to Audie/Adam) and then pulled out a string of solid long pots throughout the frame to build a lead and seal the victory. 

Well done to Audie and Adam, hard lines to John and Chris.

L-R: Audie Miller, Adam Hussain, Chris Winter, John Fountain

Frame Scores

Audie Miller 75 – 29 Chris Winters
Adam Hussain 47 – 72 John Fountain
Audie Miller / Adam Hussain 14 -71 John Fountain / Chris Winters
Audie Miller 73 – 12 John Fountain
Adam Hussain 87 – 40 Chris Winters

Format and Rules


All tournaments will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA and IBSF.  The NBSA 3 miss rule will be played unless both pairs of competitors elect not to play it.

Submitting results

The WINNER of a match must submit the result at

Match duration

All matches will be best of 5 frames.

Match venue

Matches up to and including the semi-finals will be played at any venue of the home pair’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary or at an NBSA affiliated club lying just outside the county boundary.  The final will be played at a neutral venue.

The Match 

The match shall be between two teams of two players per team.  NBSA handicaps will be used in all frames.

Frame 1: Team A (player A) v Team B (player A)

Frame 2: Team A (player B) v Team B (player B)

Frame 3: Team A v Team B (alternate shot doubles, conferring allowed)

Players in a team will play alternative shots at all times, eg. if players A pots a red, Player B then comes to the table and pots a colour. Player A then returns to the table and pots a red, and so on.

Players are allowed to confer at all times in this version of pairs.

The pair will use the handicap of the best player, eg. if player A is a 7 handicap and player B is a 14 handicap, the pair will play off a handicap of 7.

NOTE: If the score is 3-0 after the pairs frame has been played, the match is over and frames 4 & 5 do not need to be played.

We now revert to singles again, but this time the players play the other player from their opponents’ team.

Frame 4: Team A (player A) v Team B (player B)

Frame 5: Team A (player B) v Team B (player A)


A referee will be provided for the final.

Deadline date

All matches must be played on or before the deadlines indicated in the draw.